About Me

I have been selling on eBay for several years. Several years ago I decided to move on my own. I started a stan-alone website /store. With my own website, I can offer customers 5-15% less than my eBay stores. As I get more experience, I can offer more of a discount. The products I sell are 100% authentic. I am selling sports cards and home goods. The home goods products are seasonal. Some of the items are personal. They are used but in excellent working condition. My goal is a satisfied customer. If you are not pleased with the product or service, I will do my best to correct the situation. Below are links to my eBay stores. You can browse and purchase items from there, while I still doing my transferring.

Links to my eBay stores

Click on the button below to be redirected to any of my three eBay stores. The first is my main or general store. The other two are more specific. Detail description is given for each store.

The Main eBay Store

When you visit the main store, do not let the name fool you. I kept the name because I started selling more home goods. There still are a few listed. Also, keep in mind that items that are slow mover may be relisted in the other two stores. Therefore if you see an item today but not in a few days, it may get relisted of moved to the other store. Click the button below to be redirected to the main store.

The main store has a little of everything. You will find mostly CDs and trading cards.

CDs, Comics, Comic Cards, Vinyl, and Home goods Store

This store is a wide collection of many products. The main products will be CDs, comics, and comic cards.

Nothing But Sports Cards

This store has only sports cards. Besides the four major sports in the USA (Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball), there are WNBA, Golf and NASCAR cards. Most of the cards are between 1984-2007. I have a few older cards listed

Browse My Pinterest Pins

Don’t have time to browse the stores? Visit my Pinterest webpage a browse through the latest items I am selling. Click on the picture in Pinterest and you will be redirected to 1 of my 3 stores. Please keep in mind, some of the products may have sold or it been more than 30 days the link will say “sold” or “the list has ended.” In the case the item has ended, The item will be relisted within 30 days. But the thing is everything from this store, as well as my three eBay stores, will be under one roof. Enjoy browsing my pins.