Deadbolt Fleer 1996 X-Men “Dark Riders” Fleer Trading Card #43

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Fleer 1996
Dark Riders
Card #43
There is no marking or damage. It is kept in a top-loader.

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Deadbolt Fleer 1996 Dark Riders Card #43


This Fleer 1996 X-Men set contains Deadbolt Darkrider. The Card number is #43. This is the original card. This is the original Fleer 1996 X-Men card of Deadbolt.  it is not a reprint or duplicate. The grading of this card is not by a professional company. There is no damage or markings. The card is in a single plastic card protector.  The card will be shipped in a hard plastic top loader.


Fleer 1996 X-Men Comic Deadbolt Card’s Description

  • Publisher: Fleer
  • Main character: Deadbolt
  • Card: #43
  • UPC:0000058520208
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