Sterling Marlin Classic 1996 NASCAR Racing Trading Card #1

Sterling Marlin Classic 1996 NASCAR Racing Trading Card #1


Sterling Marlin

Classic 1996

NASCAR Racing Trading Card #1

The card is not professionally graded. There are no markings or damage to the card.

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Sterling Marlin
Company: Classic 1996 NASCAR Set
Card #1
Team: Winston Cup


Card’s Description

Sterling Marlin Classic 1996 NASCAR card is part of the NASCAR  set.  He raced in the Winston Cup.  Sterling Marlin, Classic 1996  NASCAR trading sports card #1. If the card is after 1985, I am the only owner. When I open the package, I put the card in a top-loader. All the cards that I purchased were from a reputable sports card retailer. This card, as well as any you checkout, is not professionally graded. This is the original card, not a reprint.


All the pictures are actual photos that I have taken. The pictures are not a stock picture or copy and paste. All the pictures I took to the best of my ability.. Also, note the adjustments of your screen can affect the actual picture. If I list more than one card, I will randomly pick the card to be shipped to you. If you want the card in the photo, send me an e-mail stating you wish the card in the photo. Thank you for your understanding


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