Sports Cards, Comic Books, and Currency

This store carries sports cards, , comics, currency from around the world and stamps are the products you will find here. Many of the products I owe. Some of the products I will stock. You will find links to other websites that I am running. Also, there will be affiliate links to trusted stores I am representing on this and other websites. More sports cards, used CDs, home goods, and stamps throughout the summer, therefore new products will be added each week. Click on the links below to page jump to a more detailed listing on the products I will be selling. At the moment I only take PayPal. You can purchase a re-loadable card at any drug or convenience store.

About Me

I have been selling on eBay for several years. Several years ago I decided to move on my own. I started a stand-alone website /store. With my own website, I can offer customers 5-15% less than my eBay stores. As I get more experience, I can offer more of a discount. The products I sell are 100% authentic. I am selling sports cards and home goods. The home goods products are seasonal. Some of the items are personal. They are used but in excellent working condition. My goal is a satisfied customer. IMy customer satisfaction is my number 1 priority. I will do my best to correct the situation. Below are links to my eBay stores. You can browse and purchase items from there, while I still doing my transferring.


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Some of the links throughout this website are affiliate links. These links will re-directed to the website associated with the company. As a small token from the company for representing them on my website, I will earn a commission if you purchase their product(s) or services. The prices are not based on me receiving a commission. These companies I represent on my website have quality products and excellent service, therefore the links are also safe. Thank you.

Sports Cards

Most of the cards in this section of the store are from 1980 to 2005. There are cards from the four major sports; football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. I also have some golf cards, as well as NBA cards and NASCAR. Most of the cards are from packages I purchase from reputable card hobbyists. In this section of my store, include links to their websites of companies of interest. These links/companies are well known and good companies. I will update the links weekly since the product may be out of stock or the company does not carry it anymore. I include fast links to the webpage on this site as well as links to my other sites. Click on one for the buttons below to start your adventure into my world.