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Adding More Products

It is on August 6th Sunday. I am giving an update on what I have been doing with the store. Its been a month since the last update. I added about 50 new products to the store. The most noticeable is I added a few fitness magazines to the store. This week I will focus on Basketball and then hockey. I will also add more Marvel cards, affiliate links, NASCAR, and Golf. My goal is 100 items of various categories. I still optimizing stuff behind the scenes and each day getting better and faster. I found a new plugin that I will use through my post. I will be playing around with it this week but the bottom line is it shows the products I am selling on eBay. I will be adding a new post showing certain categories of my products,

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WNBA (Women National Basketball Association)

Teresa Edwards Upper Deck 1996

Hello Sports Fan.

I just added a new section to my sports card section; WNBA. Some of the players listed are Ruthie Bolton, Sheryl Swoopes, Teresa Edwards, and Jennifer Azzi. They are from the Upper Deck 1996 U.S.a Olympic series. I plan on adding 5-7 more players by the end of the week.

In the meantime visit other sections of my sports card. I will be adding more cards as the summer comes to an end. I want to list 100+ more sports cards by September. I started with a few well-known players such as from football such as Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Barry Sanders. Basketball stars like Michael Jordan

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Football NFL Products

Joe Montana Fleer 1991

This post will contain football cards /products from this store, my eBay store, and affiliate websites I own. I will have Football NFL Cards and Products listed here. I will be adding and modifying this post weekly to introduce new products and information. As a start and to let everyone know. I have been a New York Giants fan since I saw my first football game when I was 15. I whether if the Giants or Jets had a good year or bad, I will feature the players. Players such as Montana, Rice, Payton, and Smith I watch while growing up. There will be a few unknowns here and there, but my focus will be star players.

As far as my affiliate stores /websites these sites I own. The stores /websites that sponsor me are legitimate sites. Links that I use here, as well as the other stores, are good. If a product (s) is out of stock or discontinued, the link may be broken. I will monitor my site for broken links weekly and either remove the link of fix it. For fans of the other 3 sports, I will start a similar post with a month. I will also be doing some “behind the scenes” work to improve the performance of the site. So sit back and enjoy the new Football NFL Cards and Products I will be listing weekly. This is only the beginning. Click the button below to be redirected to the front page of football.

Football Cards in My Store

I have listed a few NFL cards listed in the store. If you want more information or purchase the card(s) I provided a link to redirect you to the card page. The links to my store are good unless the card was sold. Although not a true New Yorker, I listed some New York Giants cards of the past. I will list products and the New York Jets next week.

New York Giants

Although before my time, I listed a few players from the past. These cards are for sale in my store. Click on the name below the picture to be redirected to the card.

New York Giants From the ’80s

To break up my posts, I will start a new post whenever the topic changes. As far as this post, anything above the under-construction image is good. I will be adding more New York Giants cards and products next week.

It is August 6th. I added a few more football cards and links to my football page. I will be adding more next week but I will be focusing on Basketball and Hockey until the end of the month.

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New Customers

For those who are browsing my new online store, I will be posting updates progress and new products listed.

  • I have added more substance and links to about Me page. This includes links to my three eBay stores and my Pinterest Site.
  • I added new cards and stamps. I will be adding touches to these items.

This week I plan on adding more products. My focus will be on the product already listed. I will be adding more details to each page already published.

May 5th, 2020; I have added a few more products to the store in the few weeks. I have been mostly optimizing the items I have already listed. I will continue with my process throughout the summer. My personnel goal is 250 items listed in my store and 75% or more will be optimized. In the meantime check out my 3 eBay stores.

August 6th, 2020: I added a few more Football cards and links to the store. I will be adding more next week but I will be working on Basketball and Hockey until the end of the month.

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Sports Cards

Over the next 2 weeks, I will focus on adding more sports cards and revamping the menu. You can still purchase cards here or I may have provided my eBay store link for the same item or similar items you may like.

July 21st

I know it been awhile since I post anything. I have created a Dallas Cowboys page featuring Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman. I will be adding to these to pages throughout the week. Next week will be the San Francisco 49ers; featuring Jerry Rice and Joe Montana.