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New Customers

For those who are browsing my new online store, I will be posting updates progress and new products listed.

  • I have added more substance and links to about Me page. This includes links to my three eBay stores and my Pinterest Site.
  • I added new cards and stamps. I will be adding touches to these items.

This week I plan on adding more products. My focus will be on the product already listed. I will be adding more details to each page already published.

May 5th, 2020; I have added a few more products to the store in the few weeks. I have been mostly optimizing the items I have already listed. I will continue with my process throughout the summer. My personnel goal is 250 items listed in my store and 75% or more will be optimized. In the meantime check out my 3 eBay stores.

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Time to get things rolling!!


Hell Shoppers

Welcome to my store. I am slowly migrating from eBay to my stand-alone store. The Items here are the same as eBay, but 5-15% less. Because I am new, and to make you feel safe, I include links from eBay. These are the same items listed here. I will have the same policies and standards I learned from eBay. If the link does not work is is because the item(s) is not listed at the moment (but it may still be available), or the item was sold. You can send me an email thru eBay or here. I willbe adding 5-15 items per week. Thank you for browsing my store.

my email address is