NBA and College Basketball Trading Cards

NBA and College Basketball trading cards for the average collectors in the earlier years were produced by Bowman, Topps, and Fleer. Now Basketball collectors have a large assortment of manufacturers, card sizes, and players to choose from. But most collectors prefer the traditional card set from Fleer and Topps.

I started collecting basketball cards in the mid-’80s. That was when an explosion of new companies started to produce basketball cards. Hoops, Upper Deck along with branch-off companies like Topps Stadium Club, Fleer Metal, and Classic to name a few. The production of college players set its trend during this time.

On my site, you will find cards from the mid-’80s to as late as 2000. I will be adding many more cards in the future. Most of the new cards will be from the last 20 years. The cards will be grouped by teams. Being that I am a New York fan, The Knicks will be among the teams I am planning on adding a Brooklyn Nets page. After that The Chicago Bulls, Los A Angeles Lakers, and the Boston Celtics.

My collection will include many of the top players in the 80s They include Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, and of course Michael Jordan. You will not find many oddity cards, just straight-up basketball cards. Yes, some of them will be fancy, but most of them will be fillers for you to complete your collection. It seems like Panini is the talk of the town. I will include as many as I can of players I know, some may be familiar and some will be the rookie card, Maybe the next Michael Jordan!

NBA and College Teams

Below is a listing of NBA teams. Some pages are empty for now. I will be adding cards and information in the weeks to come. Each page will list players and products from the team. I will also include links to my other sites. These will be affiliate links to merchants that use my sites to advertise. All the links are good and the merchant is a reputable shop.

NBA on eBay

Each week, I will update the links and cards on eBay. Sometimes the card sold or it past the listing time and I have to relist. At the most, I will have 20 cards listed that might interest you.