Grant Hill Flair “Wave Of The Future” 1994-95 Card # 2 of 10 Detroit Pistons

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  • Flair 1994
  • Card #2 of 10
  • Team: Detroit Pistons

With excellent condition and no visible damages or markings whatsoever, this card is indeed a good find. Although a professional company did not grade the card, you can be confident in its top-notch quality. Take advantage of the opportunity to own a card of such high caliber.

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Grant Hill Flair 1994-95 “Wave of The Future” Card # 2 0f 10


Grant Hill Flair "Wave Of The Future" 1994-95 Basketball Card # 2 of 10
Grant Hill Flair 1994-95 Card # 2 of 10

Card’s Description


This Grant Hill Flair 1994-95 is card 2 of 10. Because the purchase of a Flair 1994 pack was from a reputable card shop, this is not a reprint. As a result of keeping the card in a top loader, there is no damage or marking. The grading of this card is not by a professional grading company. Whether you’re a National Basketball Association (NBA) fan or want to expand your collection, this card is a great choice. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the skill and talent of athletes like Grant Hill. Get this card today and add it to your prized collection. The grading of this card is not by a professional grading company.



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