Marvel 1990 “Famous Battles” The First Kree and Skrull War Trading Card #123

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Kree, The Skrull
Marvel Comics Card 1990
Card #123
Famous Battles

The card is not professionally graded. The card is in a plastic card box. There is no damage or markings on the card. The card will be sent in a plastic top loader.

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Marvel 1990 “Famous Battles” The First Kree and Skrull War Trading Card #123


Most Valuable Comic of Marvel 1990 Set Card’s Description

Marvel 1990 Famous Battles, Kree -vs- The Skrull is part of the Marvel Comic Card 1990 set. The card number is 123. This is the original Marvel 1990 Most Valuable comic card; it is not a reprint or duplicate. I am the original owner. The pack this Mister Fantastic Comic card is from a reputable card shop. The card is the standard size; approximately 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.  The card company which produces this card is Impel. A professional agency did not grade this Marvel card. There are no damage, discoloration, or markings. The card is in a plastic card storage box. Upon shipping, the card will be in a single top-loader.


Marvel Comic Card’s Description

  • Publisher: Impel / Marvel
  • The main characters; Kree, The Skrull
  • Card: #123


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