National Banknote of Belgium 50 Franc No. 923 N 6485

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National Banknote of Belgium 50 Franc No. 923 N 6485

The product is not graded. The information card may have some light folds or creases, otherwise is no marking or damage to the card. The envelope with the currency has no marking or damage.

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National Banknote of Belgium 50 Franc No.926 N 6485


Banknotes of The Nations Belgium National Banknote 50 Franc
Banknotes of The Nations Belgium National Banknote 50 Franc




Belgium’s National Banknote 50 Franc is a collector’s product that combines the currency and postage stamp of an individual country. The currency is mounted in a sealed, protective envelope. The currency is legal tender at the time. The postmark is from the issuing country. The sealed protector gives you the ability to view the currency on both sides. The currency will be sent 1st class.

Product’s Highlights

• Country: Belgium
• Amount: 50 Franc


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